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Are you so busy with your business or work that you're unable to spend the time you would really like to with your friends or your family?
After working with lots of people who were desperately trying to be in control of their time, these are some of the obstacles I am seeing impacting their lives: 
  • Perhaps you are finding that your business or high powered position, is getting in the way of your own personal time, which means that you are feeling frustrated?
  • Could it be your business or high powered position is getting in the way of having a fulfilling family time, which leaves you feeling guilty about not being at home spending time with your children and partner?
  • Possibly work is interrupting your relationship with your partner which is making you feel resentful because you are feeling pulled between work and home.
  • Maybe you're feeling time poor and overwhelmed and the stress is inhibiting you making good decisions.
Balancing running a business (or having a high powered position) and family is tough.  Both can pull you in opposite directions, until you feel almost torn in two - but it doesn't have to be like that...

Throughout this book, I outline personal and practical tips, ideas and suggestions to highlight how obstacles can be overcome - both in family life and in business, with a great deal of humour and openness.

Whether you read it in a couple of sessions or tackle it in bite-size chunks, you'll come away with a feeling of lightness in your heart.  You'll have new ideas and tips that will balance your life between work and home.  You'll start to get the right mix, which you may not have even thought you could achieve or do.

The framework of the book, like the A380 aeroplane illustration I use, takes you on a journey where you will learn about communication in your relationships in business and home, having the right mindset,  parenting tips and techniques, and ideas on goal setting.

The Ultimate Book For People Who Want To Have a Business or High Powered Position, and a Family in Harmony with Each Other.

In this easy to read book I’ll show you how you can have a really successful business or high powered executive position while keeping your family time and relationships intact.

I’ll also be sharing with you anecdotal accounts of the things I did wrong (and right) when it came to business and family.  You'll be able to take my learnings and interlock them with your own learnings, so you don't make the mistakes I made.
Best of all?
This book gives you evidential guidance and shortcuts to do things better in your family and business life. 

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Hi! I'm Pete. It’s great to meet you! 
Having been involved in multiple businesses, and guiding business owners through the business minefield for the past 19 years,  I understand the difficulties of maintaining a business and a functioning family, amidst the 'noise and clutter' that dominates our lives today.

Having made a hash of both my business and family at various times and realising my mistakes, I can bring clarity and understanding to you of how to keep both in perspective.

Maybe You Can Relate?
What People Are Saying
"...This Thing Really Works For Me!"
Just finished reading your book.  What an awesome book!  It is very inspiring.  Most of all for me was your ability to lead and influence your family by leading by example.

Also for me, I have been building my business from scratch for the past 5 years and as you would know this requires a lot of time/energy to do it successfully.  My business has now matured in the sense that I have a sustainable consistent business model. 

So your book was actually great timing for me because next year is all about creating balance with my business, my wife, my family, my friends, my passions and hobbies, and the time for myself as well.

So your book solidified the concept to focus on all of those areas of life not just one,
Scott F, NSW - Australia
"...You Won't Believe Til You See It!"
The key positives I have taken away from this book is that I'm not alone and it's helped re-align my thoughts. I think at times we take for granted that we are heavily invested in the business and forget about the important ones in our life, my family.
I know I am good at my job, however, the most powerful thing I took was how effective setting goals was, but breaking them down into small chunks which makes the end goal seem much more achievable.
THIS TOO SHALL PASS, really hit home with me. When things are great, things are great and there are no worries however when things go the other way, we can get so caught up in the issue, miserable and depressed. I would know! However this statement really resonates with me and is embedded in my thoughts. 
To me the book is really easy to understand, is light-hearted and has certainly helped me get a hold of my business and ensure I don't forget my family.

Chris Ellis, Kent - UK

"...It's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"

Family Matters! - So does Business - what a wholesome, vulnerable insightful book.
Seeing the life and family of a man who has been through it all, and being taken on that journey, whilst being given so many incredible tools for family and business - Pete O'Keeffe - you nailed this!
So many emotions, so much wisdom and as a woman, reading the experiences from a male perspective of the family dynamic was so helpful.
Loved it! Highly recommend!

Kate M, Australia

Go out and be brilliant in your business and loving with your family.  Interlock the two, so you have everything you desired when you first went into business.  
Always remember Family Matters! So does Business.
I can't wait to speak to you soon!
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